How often is it advisable to have an eye exam?

We often think that we should have our eyes checked only when the formula we have is no longer of much use to us. Why? We get headaches more often, we find it difficult to read, in fact, the letters are more blurred both near and far away, we feel heavy and we get tired much faster while we are at the computer or using our cell phone.

But it really shouldn't be like that! Getting a regular checkup is very important because it will help us to correct, prevent and detect visual problems in time, plus you can be aware of what treatment or additional care you can implement for your visual health. Your eyes are a personal commitment!

Below we will tell you how often we suggest you visit the optician's office to find out why it is important to have your eyes checked frequently. 

Are you one of those who takes more than a year to get your eyes checked?

At Solé Optique we recommend that you have at least the following check-ups once a year. You must take into account that the frequency changes depending on several factors such as: family history (with ocular pathologies, some type of disease that affects the eyesight) and age, both in children, adolescents and people over 30 years old frequent factors according to their stage. Did you know?

  • It is recommended that children have their first eye exam starting at the age of 4. This will help prevent diseases from a very early age.
  • At this stage, it is very important for adolescents to have their eyes checked at least once a year until they are 20 years old, since they often have problems such as myopia. From the age of 21, if they do not present any problem - since they were judicious before - they can go on to have their eyes checked. cada dos años.
  • As the years go by, it is important to keep in mind that it is necessary to control several factors: visual acuity, intraocular tension, among others, since the visual system also goes through aging effects. At this stage it is essential to have your eyes checked, if you are judicious you would be avoiding the development of diseases such as: glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration. 

No matter what age you are or what stage you are in, your visual health comes first and it is never too late to start a procedure that can help you improve your vision. We are here and will continue to be here to make sure your vision remains 20/20, at Solé Optique we care about you. 

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